2019 IAPS Conference
2019 JSPSPE Conference

17th-20th September 2019
Kyoto, Japan

A view of Gion-shinbashi (Chayamachi)

Information from the Secretariat

Book of abstracts is available here.
To see the abstracts, you need a password, to be notified separately by email.

Information for the Conference Tours
- Where we meet: In front of the main entrance of ICC Kyoto
- When we meet: 8:45 A.M.
Bus departs at 9:00 A.M. from ICC Kyoto both on Monday, 16th September, and on Saturday, 21st September 2019. Please keep the meeting time and come not to be late.

Weather Forcast in Kyoto
You can get a weather information in Kyoto from Japan Weather Forecast for Travelers operated by the Japan National Travel Organization (JNTO). It's a weather forecast for one week.

How to get to ICC Kyoto
From Kyoto Station: Take the Karasuma Subway Line to the last stop at Kokusaikaikan. For details, please see "Getting to ICC Kyoto" on this page.

From Airports: You can see the Timetable of Airport Limousine Bus to JR Kyoto Station from Kansai (KIX) or Osaka/Itami (ITM) airport when you click over "Limousine bus" of an applicable airport in "Getting to ICC Kyoto" on this page.

Conference schedule is available here.
Please confirm when and where your presentation starts. The following is a simplified outline of the conference schedule except the individual presentations in parallell sessions.

11:15 IAPS Executive Council Meeting
13:10 Welcome and Introductory Remarks
14:45 JSPSPE Invited Speech
16:00 Opening Keynote
18:00 Welcome Reception with JSPSPE
  9:00 IAPS Workshop (Martial Arts)
10:15 IAPS Panel Discussion (Olympic Education)
11:45 JPS Editorial Board Meeting
  9:00 Warren Fraleigh Distinguished Scholar Address
10:00 IAPS General Business Meeting
17:00 IAPS Presidential Address
18:00 Closing Ceremony and Banquet
Conference Tours
Tours have been prepared for you.
English guided bus tours in and around Kyoto are offered on 16.09.2019 and 21.09.2019. Pre-conference tour is already full. There are several seats available for the post-conference tour. Please make your reservations here through PayPal as soon as possible.

Welcome to Kyoto!

Research Seminar for the Philosophy of Sport 2019

IAPS 2019 & JSPSPE 2019

Research Seminar for the Philosophy of Sport 2019 will be held at Kyoto International Conference Centre (ICC Kyoto) in Japan, from Tuesday 17th to Friday 20th September 2019, under the auspices of Japan Society for the Philosophy of Sport and Physical Education (JSPSPE), with the help of Ritsumeikan University, Kyoto University of Education, and Kyoto Women's University.

International Association for the Philosophy of Sport (IAPS) will hold its 47th annual conference (IAPS 2019) in conjunction with the 41st JSPSPE annual conference (JSPSPE 2019).

We would kindly ask you to complete the registration form for participating the conference and send it to the secretariat.

Please fill the form first and then pay the conference fee through PayPal!

Registration form
Please click the logo and complete the form now!


Registration fee

Payment only in Japanese currency is accepted online through this website by using PayPal to process payments. You may pay using a credit card or through your PayPal account. Registration is still accepted online or will be done at the conference reception desk.

  Prior to 1st July 2019 By 1st September 2019
Members JPY 30,000- JPY 35,000-
Student Members JPY 18,000- JPY 21,000-
Accompanying Persons JPY 15,000- JPY 15,000-
PayPal for IAPS 2019 on click the logo

Conference Venue

ICC Kyoto

The venue, Kyoto International Conference Center (ICC Kyoto), is a space designed as a Convention Park and highly rated for its combination of pleasant surroundings and convenient transportation for both our Kyoto neighbors and international guests.

ICC Kyoto
View from ICC Kyoto (Click the image to the website!)

Getting to ICC Kyoto


From JR Kyoto Station to ICC Kyoto:
Take the Karasuma Subway Line to Kokusaikaikan Station in 20 minutes. 5 minutes' walk from Kokusaikaikan Station. Please vist the ICC Kyoto which indicates getting to the ICC Kyoto from JR Kyoto Station by subway.

From Airports to JR Kyoto Station:

Osaka and Kobe
Osaka/Itami Airport (ITM)
 -Limousine bus: 55 min
 -Door-to-door shuttle service: 55 minutes

Kansai International Airport (KIX)
 -JR HARUKA Express: 75 minnutes
 -Limousine bus: 95 minutes
 -Door-to-door shuttle service: 95 minutes

Kobe Airport (UKB)
 -Port Liner to Sannomiya Station and Tokaido Line Rapid or Special Rapid Service from JR Sannomiya Station: 90 minutes

Centrair International Airport (NGO)
 -Meitetsu μ-SKY Express to Nagoya Station and Shinkansen NOZOMI Super Express from JR Nagoya Station: 90 minutes

Narita and Tokyo
Narita International Airport (NRT)
 -JR NARITA Express to JR Tokyo Station and Shinkansen NOZOMI Super Express: 4 hours
 -Airplane to Osaka/Itami Airport (ITM) and Limousine bus: 3.5 hours

Tokyo/Haneda Airport (HND)
 -Keikyu Line to Shinagawa Station and Shinkansen NOZOMI Super Express from JR Shinagawa Station: 3.5 hours
 -Airplane to Osaka/Itami Airport (ITM) and Limousine bus: 3 hours

Fukuoka International Airport (FUK)
 -Subway to Hakata Station and Shinkansen NOZOMI Super Express from JR Hakata Station: 3 hours
 -Airplane to Osaka/Itami Airport (ITM) and Limousine bus: 2.5 hours

Kibune-jinja Shrine
Kyoto National Museum
Kyoto National Museum (Click the image to the website!)
Ninenzaka in Kiyomizu (Click the image to the website!)
Togetsu-kyo Bridge in Arashiyama

Accommodation in Kyoto

Hotels and ryokan

We kindly ask you to make a reservation by yourself. The sooner, the better. Prices are varied according to the accommodation you choose. A single room costs around JPY 15,000- per night in a hotel, where you can reach in 30 minutes by subway from ICC Kyoto.

You can search hotels and ryokan (Japanese guest houses) by clicking the "JNTO" logo on the left and get tourism information from Japan Hotel & Ryokan Search (Japan National Tourism Organization) or Kyoto City Official Travel Guide (Kyoto City Tourism Association). You can also vist the following websites and make a reservation.

Nearest Hotel from ICC Kyoto:
-Grand Prince Hotel Kyoto: 3 minutes' walk from ICC Kyoto

Hotels near Kyoto Imperial Palace in regions along the Subway Karasuma Line:
-Kyoto Garden Palace: 8 minutes' walk to the nearest station (5 stations to ICC Kyoto).

-Kyoto Heian Hotel: 7 minutes' walk to the nearest station (5 stations to ICC Kyoto). Famous for its Japanese gurden.

Economy hotels near JR Kyoto Station and in downtown:
-R&B Hotel Kyoto Eki Hachijoguchi: 5 minutes' walk from JR Kyoto Station

-RAK Kiyomizu: An old local apartment in downtown that has been recently renovated as a modern hostel. Easy access to popular sightseeing areas.

-The Pocket Hotel Kyoto Shijokarasuma: Located within 5 minutes on foot from major stations, shopping areas, and tourist attractions. 6 minutes' walk from Shijo Station on the Subway Karasuma Line.

Japan Hotel & Ryokan Search on click the logo
Kaiseki ryori
Traditional Japanese meal
Kyoto City Official Travel Guide on click the logo
Yudofu & Yuba
Boiled Tofu and Yuba (Tofu skin) made from soybeans

Social Activities

Optional tour in Kyoto

Pre- and Post-conference activities will be arranged on Monday 16th and Saturday 21st September 2019. Tour in Kyoto and visiting Enryaku-ji Temple with its 1200 years of history on Mt. Hiei will be prepared.

Rugby World Cup will be held at 12 venues across the whole of Japan from 20th September to 2nd November 2019. Match of Pool B (Italy v Namibia) is scheduled at 14:30 on 22nd September 2019 at Hanazono Rugby Stadium in Osaka.


Tofuku-ji Temple (Click the image to the website!)

Travel Information

Tips for your travel

The weather in Japan can vary wildly depending on where you are traveling to. Kyoto has a comparatively moderate and comfortable climate in September. The average maximun temperature in Kyoto is 30 degrees centigrade and minimum is 20 degrees centigrade.

All of Japan sits within the same time zone, and no daylight saving is practiced. The country is nine hours ahead of GMT.

Wireless hotspots are popping up all over major cities in Japan, so you should never be too far from a Wi-Fi connection. However, for guaranteed access, especially if you are traveling to more remote areas, Wi-Fi rental is recommended.

The Japanese yen (JPY) is used throughout the country and you can exchange foreign currency at the airports and major banks and other authorized money exchangers. Even though Japan is a cash-centric country, credit cards are usually accepted in most shops, restaurants, hotels and taxis in major cities. The 8% consumption tax is levied on purchases of most goods and services.

Voltage in Japan is 100V and the frequency ranges 50-60Hz depending on the area. In Kyoto it is 60Hz. The socket has two flat parallell plug holes. If you plan to bring any electric appliances that are not convertible, transformers and/or plug adaptors are necessary.

Visa Information
Citizens of 68 countries coming for tourism purposes including Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA, UK and almost all European nations can visit Japan for up to 90 days upon arrival without requiring a visa.

Japan Rail Pass, although cannot be used on particular types of Shinkansen Super Express, is the most economical means of travelling throughout Japan by rail. Domestic air travel is both cost and time efficient, and is one of the best ways to explore several destinations in Japan during your trip. Taxis in Japan are spotlessly clean and the level of service is high. Drivers won't take advantage of their clients and fares are calculated by the running meter.

Sanzen-in Temple in Ohara
Bamboo groove in Arashiyama